How We Get Down

The Valley Media derives its name from an iconic speech by the assassinated chairman of the Black Panthers’ Illinois chapter, Fred Hampton, in which he says that that there is work to be done here in the valley, because that’s where the people are. Here, at The Valley, we make no bones about our plans to get down by rising up, with the people, to challenge the systems, institutions and lies that oppress us. We will, at long last, tell our own stories, and in doing so, as the Panthers once implored, “serve the people.”


Owned by our class enemies, today’s media has carpet bombed our imagination, cut off our lines of communication, and turned us, the workers, against one another. The conflicts that divide us today boils down to a war of narratives, and we have, to paraphrase the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, “maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity.” No more: our journalism represents the people’s shot across the bow, and our solemn declaration that not only do we intend to fight, but to win.